Monday, July 30, 2007


I got to hang out with Charlotte, Aunt Jenn, and Uncle Chris lastnight...and I stayed awake almost the whole time :)

Charlotte let me use her hand for a pacifier...for the second time:)

And she decided to fall over....

And I decided to lay down:)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Feeding Time!

I didnt like my new orange food yesterday...but today I kinda like it!!!

My Bumbo seat!

I sat in my Bumbo seat for the first time today and it was awesome!

Then I wore myself out and fell asleep in my swing :)

Squash is GROSS!!!

I went to the Doctor yesterday and he said I could eat veggies now! I dont recommend the squash though...I spit most of it out :)
I weighed 14lbs 14oz and was 24.5 inches! I'm in the 80th percentile...whatever that means :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My First Family Vacation

This is me at the airport with Great Grandma and Great Aunt Kelly.

This was right before boarding the plane! I loved flying.

Mom got to play with my cousin Charlotte and I got to sleep with my Dad and Uncle Chris!

This is the first night at the resort...Me with Mom and Dad and Grandpa let me hang out on his tummy!

This was the view out on the patio of our room and me hanging out at the beach.

Charlotte and I learned how to dance with help from Aunt Jenn and Uncle was really fun!

This man sang and played the sax all night...he gave me and Charlotte an autographed CD too!

Mom helped me swim in the ocean for the first time...I loved the sand squishing in between my toes!

Dad and I hung out under an umbrella on the beach and Grandpa taught me how to swim in the pool. We went to town one of the days and took a picture by a bridge that floats.

We all had lunch in town as a family....see how happy I was!

More time with my cousin at breakfast.

The 5 Hawn Men!

My first ride on a boat was so fun...I laughed with Daddy!

Our last night we all had so much fun together...and what a great view!

My last flight of the trip I stayed awake almost the whole time....and I stayed happy the whole flight :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

My first Fireworks!!!

Mom, Dad, Aunt Kim and I went down to the Arch and watched fireworks on July 3rd! It was really fun and I loved it!

Mom and Dad's 2nd Anniversary